Why Attend

Discover new technologies to drive performance and innovation across your organisation

Connect with potential partners to address wide market needs. With increased economic activity and technology continuing to turn more households and enterprises into commercially viable customers, the stage is set for the innovative and perceptive to find chances to address some of these emerging needs.

With competition in many sectors also on the upside, it is also time for the truly customer centric to embrace the technology solutions provided and displayed at the expo to optimize their operations.

ICT Expo Ethiopia is a truly local and international event that provides a one stop shop to connect interested parties and define the future of the technology business sector in Ethiopia. This is where the industry’s top minds converge to explore cutting edge practices that are locally relevant, and share experiences more broadly.

  • Latest Innovations
  • Unrivalled audience
  • Cross cutting presence between private and public sector
  • Meetings
  • Industry trend setters